Priming your Message

TV Access has the network and in-house resources to handle every aspect of production, preparing your message for distribution.

Strategic, Nationwide Targeting

Your message is delivered and placed to niche markets, national or online audiences across traditional, digital and unconventional mediums.

Maximizing Exposure

TV Access's personal and proprietary approach to tracking and monitoring maximizing your message's airplay.

TV Access is a non-profit advertiser and the industry leader in Public Service Announcement distribution. We handle over 300 clients annually, and, on a monthly basis, at least 6 of the top 10 aired nationally are TV Access clients. These results are the result of creative thinking, flexibility, and dedication to our clients. We manufacture and package hundreds copies of your digitized PSA, ship them and follow up with a phone call to every single TV and radio station in the United States.

We generate a high ROI and can achieve outcomes for organizations of all sizes on budgets of all sizes.