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A Division of Filmcomm Inc.

TV Access History

Our founder, Gordon Hempel, started working in film during the Korean War when he was assigned to produce Movietone News features for theaters on the war effort. After leaving the service, he started a film production/distribution business in Iowa in the mid 1950’s. In 1959, his company was purchased by Sterling Movies, Inc. As part of the buyout, he was hired as head of the Chicago office. In 1964, Sterling Movies moved him to New York. Sterling, under the direction of Chuck Dolan, was in the middle of developing Cablevision and HBO. In 1969, Sterling spun-off Cablevision to Time, Inc. and Gordon was not part of the buyout. At that time, he decided to move the family back to Chicago and start his own company.

In 1969, he and a partner incorporated as Public Service Audience Planners. The partnership dissolved in 1971, when each incorporated under new names. Gordon incorporated his as FilmComm, Inc.

Keith Hempel, Gordon’s son joined the company full-time in 1975 after graduating from college. In 1979, we began to market our services under the, dba of TV Access and Radio Access. FilmComm, Inc. remains the corporate name.

We always worked in the sponsored film/video marketplace; but in 1983, we made the decision to become exclusive to nonprofit messaging.

In 1988, Gordon went into semi-retirement and Keith became President of the company. The company has handled thousands of nonprofit messaging campaigns and, for the last ten plus years, has handled over 300 campaigns per year.