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Why TV Access

A Division of Filmcomm Inc.

Why TV Access?

1. Track Record

We know public service announcements better than anyone else. TV Access can handle every aspect of a public service campaign: from production to distribution, promotion, tracking and reporting. In 2012, we handled 125 television, almost 100 radio and over 100 OOH media campaigns. The results of our expertise and attention to detail speak for themselves: TV Access had over 2,300,000 airings confirmed by Nielsen Media Services in 2012, the most of any distributor. TV Access distributed 8 of the 20 PSAs that ranked in the top 1% of all PSAs in the country as tracked by Nielsen’s Sigma service.

2. Networking and Pedigree

Since our founding in 1970, we have continually pioneered public service announcement distribution through industry research and media relationships. Our surveys and market research database allow us to keep track of the needs, idiosyncrasies and preferences of each station and media outlet. We provide liaison services between our clients and the major networks, and we maintain excellent relationships with the media gatekeepers across all media. In addition, our firm is listed on two General Services Administration Schedules: SIN 541-1 (Advertising Services) and SIN 541 4B (Video/Film Production), and recommended by Odwyer’s Public Relations News.

3. Rates

Our public service announcement campaign rates are the most competitive in the industry, because our in-house resources handle every aspect of the PSA production and distribution process. Since we are able to guarantee an industry-high minimum ROI, organizations both large and small choose our services. If you are interested in learning about how we can help you with your public service announcement distribution needs, please contact us to request rates and learn about our full suite of services.