Our Approach

We are the industry leader in public service announcement distribution and can handle every aspect of a public service announcement campaign. Since we focus solely on public service announcements, we have the expertise, industry relationships, and market intelligence to generate results other media distribution companies can not. We have spent over 40 years refining a proprietary approach to public service announcement distribution to generate the maximum return-on-investment of our clients’ campaigns.

Before the Release

  • Production – We are not limited to distribution and can provide premier production services in any media both in-house and through our highly qualified strategic partners.
  • Focus Groups – We can facilitate focus groups and use market research to ensure your PSA resonates as best as possible with your target audiences.
The Release
  • Packaging – We know that packaging can mean the difference between whether or not your spot gets airplay and take a proprietary approach to generate more airings and lower distribution costs.
  • Network Visits – Our long-term relationships with media gatekeepers means we can organize network meetings for some of our clients to increase airings in specific markets.
After the Release
  • Reporting – Our propriety PSA reporting methodology transparently reports your results as easily as possible.
  • Tracking – We follow up with media outlets we distributed to, and use email and phone campaigns to help increase airings and placements. If you are interested in learning how we can give your public service announcement campaigns the edge they need, contact us to request rates and learn about our full suite of public service announcement services..

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