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When it comes to getting your radio or TV public service announcement aired, its packaging that can often make the difference between success and failure. We should know—we developed customized public service announcement packaging with the Ad Council over 20 years ago. Creating noticeable packaging does increase airings, but there’s more to our approach to packaging than meets the eye—literally: 

  • Our packaging experience is unsurpassed, and we distribute nearly 1 million PSAs a year. 
  • Our industry-leading market intelligence allows us to package and distribute PSAs in the precise specifications of each station.
  • Our in-house resources can handle both large and small runs at low prices with no delays.
  • We can package PSAs, so they can be distributed at the lowest cost possible and can be locked-in at preferred postage rates.

It is this attention to detail that lets us distribute and promote public service announcements better than anyone. Contact us to learn how we can help with packaging or any other aspect of your PSA campaign.

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