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TV Access normally supplies Nielsen electronic tracking for radio PSAs on a per month per PSA creative. Each length and treatment is a different billable tracking identity.

The advantage to electronic radio tracking is that we report exact dates and times of airings. The disadvantage is that electronic tracking currently only covers 2,400 of the 14,000 radio stations. Almost all stations covered by electronic tracking are within the top 75 markets. Even on the stations tracked, TV Access has been able to confirm considerably more airings than the system reports. On the positive side, we have not had false positives for the electronic tracking.

Another advantage is that this system can be stop and started relatively easily. Many clients temper the overall expense by tracking every other month for six months. Thereby providing an accurate counterbalance to the BRC tracking. The electronic tracking can be started after release.

TV Access typically supplies radio tracking through BRCs. This is typically handled when TV Access handles the entire release. Our standard policy is to insert a pre-labeled BRC inside the radio PSA package. The pre-labeled BRC is important as it eliminates problems with incomplete information and makes database management much easier to handle. TV Access’ typical service includes two or more direct mail follow-ups to stations to ascertain usage information. All BRC responses are then entered into our computer and a cumulative report is store and generated as needed.

TV Access can also provide follow-up direct mail or telemarketing to radio stations to ascertain usage information. The investment for a follow-up is $3.75 per radio outlet for direct mail and $10. per outlet for telephone service. Standard practice on the telephone follow-up is we make an initial phone call and leave a message if we cannot obtain the desired information. A second call is placed within 10 working days of our leaving a message.

The AQH audience figures, we use are from Radio USA published by Arbitron. This publication is audience for the average quarter hour (AQH) for the entire week, Monday-Sunday 6am-Midnight. TV Access traditionally uses the TSA AQH person 12+ in our reports.

For stations not rated by Arbitron, we assume a minimum audience of 500 listeners and a statistically derived audience based on KW of the station, distance from the main market and the size of the market.

We can provide additional report figures if Nielsen’s electronic radio service is used for tracking.

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