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Print PSAs

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Print PSAs

Print public service announcements are an opportunity to implant an indelible image in front of a very targeted audience. Whether you’re looking to target a localized audience through a newspaper or attract the attention of interest-specific audiences through inserts in specialized magazines or an organizations’ newsletters, TV Access can fill all your print PSA needs efficiently and economically.

  • We not only specialize in print PSA distribution, but we can also handle any step in the print PSA process—from concept review to design and production. 
  • Different publications often have different sizing requirements. Our in-house design team makes professional and cost-effective re-sizing easy.
  • We maintain an industry-leading database of nearly 1,500 dailies, over 12,000 weeklies and over 3,200 magazines.
  • After distribution, you’ll receive all the benefits of our sophisticated tracking system, which will transparently report the results of your campaign—near real time insights into placement, circulation, and donated media value.

If you are interested in learning how we can help with all your print PSA-related needs, contact us to request rates and learn about our full suite of services.


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