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Cable Case Study PSA Campaign for Alliance to Save Energy

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Cable PSA Case Study

The Alliance to Save Energy, a non-profit organization that advocates energy-efficient policies, had already created and distributed a public service announcement to television stations across the country. However, after being awarded additional funds that could be used to bolster communications, the Alliance engaged TV Access to expand its PSA campaign to cable networks.

TV Access distributed the Alliance to Save Energy’s public service announcement to cable stations across America. With TV Access’ help, the spot was broadcast over 10,000 times across 85 stations, yielding an equivalent donated media value of approximately $1.3 million. To take advantage of additional funds specifically reserved to distribute the spot within New York State, TV Access worked with local cable network operators to secure an additional 668 broadcasts within the state, which brought ASE’s message to over 100,000 additional people.
For more information on how TV Access can help your organization expand its public service announcement campaign for massive results at a marginal cost, please contact us.

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