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Mall Case Study PSA Campaign – Every Child By Two

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Mall PSA Case Study

Every Child by Two, an organization that promotes children’s health by encouraging vaccinations, approached TV Access to increase awareness of its cause. The organization originally expected to run public service announcements on television stations. However, since the campaign was trying to reach young mothers, TV Access recommended that placing PSAs in malls across America would more effectively accomplish the campaign’s goal. 
Aside from being an extremely cost-effective method to reach the campaign’s target audience, these mall PSAs were not limited to 30 or 60 second segments and provided numerous repeat exposures. Moreover, since malls have relatively fewer advertisements than television stations, these public service announcements were also more visible. 
This public service announcement campaign was an incredible success. Every Child by Two reached its intended audience more effectively and at a lower cost than originally estimated. Every Child by Two was so impressed with the results that they expanded their already successful mall campaign to include billboards as well.

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