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Radio Case Study PSA Campaign to Compliment Recruiting Efforts – Peace Corps

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Radio PSA Case Study

For over a decade, TV Access has been distributing radio public service announcements for the Peace Corps to support recruitment efforts. In 2009, the Peace Corps engaged TV Access to distribute radio public service announcements featuring actor, Seth Green. 
Seth Green was chosen because he was recognizable to both younger and older segments within the larger audience the Peace Corps recruits from. To reach potential volunteers as best as possible, we used over a decade’s worth of market intelligence on PSA preferences to distribute the PSA to over 4,200 stations in 212 markets. Through our proprietary radio PSA tracking system, we have tracked over 58,000 airings on 419 stations, generating over $3.5 million in donated media value. Moreover, the Peace Corps could transparently view results through our online reporting system.
The Peace Corps could not have been any more pleased with the results of this campaign and continues to enlist TV Access’ help with its PSA campaigns. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your public service announcement needs.

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