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Taxi and Elevator Case Study PSA Campaign – Alliance to Save Energy

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Taxi and Elevator PSA Case Study

The Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), a non-profit that advocates energy-efficiency policies, received a grant to expand already-existing public service advertising in New York State to alternative media outlets.
Despite this great opportunity, the Alliance to Save Energy was presented with a dilemma. To take advantage of these grants, the PSAs could only be distributed to taxis and elevators—PSA mediums that ASE had not yet produced. Through out-of-the-box thinking and our in-house expertise, TV Access repurposed existing video content from TV spots and edited the footage into effective elevator and taxi PSAs. Not only were we able to expand an already successful campaign at a very marginal cost, but we also secured placements for these spots with cab companies and elevator advertising companies across New York City.
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