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Malls offer a unique messaging source. TV Access has identified the following key psychographics of mall visitors:

• Teens visit our malls five times per month, on average. They visit about five stores and spend about 2 hours each time they are at the malls. Teens go to malls more frequently than adults do, spend more time at them and visit more stores.

• More than 2 in 5 of the mall shopping teens are early adopters, who try or buy things first or before other teens they know.

• More than 4 in 5 teens shop with someone at malls. Almost 75% usually shop with their friends. Although most teens go to malls to socialize with friends, 78% of them make purchases at malls. Teens spend more than $150 per month at malls, which represents 52% of their incomes.
More than 4 in 5 teens notice the advertising and the majority describe the units as eye-catching, helpful and attractive.

As the leaders in mall public service announcement distribution, we can provide all aspects of a mall PSA campaign:

Targeting – Although mall advertising reaches wide cross sections of the population, it does an excellent job targeting niche demographic segments, like pre-teen to young adults, that average 5 visits to the mall per month.

Securing Placement – We maintain a detailed database of malls, their media outlets, and their public service announcement preferences. This means, we know the different formats that each mall prefers. Plus, while most mall advertising is done in month-long slots, we can arrange extended time slots for our clients.

Production, Distribution & Reporting – We can handle all aspects of production and distribution in-house and can easily generate a mall public service announcement from existing public service announcements in other formats.

Interested in how we can help with any aspect of your mall public service announcement campaign? Contact us to request rates and learn about our full suite of services.


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