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Radio PSAs

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Radio PSAs

We understand that getting your public service announcement aired on radio stations is a complex process, so we treat PSA distribution as both an art and science to get your public service announcement the maximum impressions possible.

  • We maintain an up-to-date database with over forty years of market research on the preferences and needs of more than 14,000 radio stations and their media gatekeepers.
  • We will create multiple versions of your radio PSA, including shorter versions that can be localized for each station, and we will package and present your material to each station’s specifications to maximize airplay.
  • We’ve developed an innovative, proprietary approach to radio PSA tracking to make our reporting not only more timely, but also more accurate than anyone else’s.
  • After release, we report results online daily and provide unparalleled follow up and outreach, so stations keep airing your message. If, for some reason, a station needs another copy of your PSA, we’ll send extras out at no additional charge to you.

This attention to detail is why our radio PSAs were consistently in the top percentages of airings last year, and more than three quarters of our releases were in the top 30 percent of all PSAs.

We can handle every element of your radio public service announcement campaign, from production to distribution, post release outreach, and reporting. Plus, since we specialize only in PSAs and handle every aspect of distribution in-house, you will get the best results possible at a fraction of what other vendors charge.

Are you interested in learning how we can help with your radio PSA-related needs? Contact us to request rates and learn about our full suite of services.


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