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Whether you’re looking to create a television public service announcement (PSA) for your organization, or an agency looking to distribute your client’s message to television stations across the country, TV Access can fill all your PSA-related needs.

During 2014 we distributed 186 television PSAs, over 100 radio PSAs, and almost 50 Out-of-Home, Transit or Alternative media campaigns.

TV Access again garnered over 4,000,000 television airings reported for TV PSAs in 2013. TV Access had almost 2,500,000 airings confirmed by Nielsen Media Services, the most of any distributor.

Based on Nielsen Media Research Services, of the 1,903 PSAs tracked last year, TV Access distributed 10 PSAs that ranked in the top 1% (42% of all Top 1% PSAs); 65 PSAs that ranked in the top 10%. Another benchmark of our service is that over 50% of the PSAs distributed by TV Access were rated in the top 30% and almost 80% of our distributed PSAs scored in the Top 50%.

After release, we provide unparalleled follow up to maximize airings, and transparently report results online weekly. Unlike other companies, we will distribute your public service announcement whether or not you’ve made it with us. Since all of our work is done in-house, we do not have capacity issues and can distribute your public service announcement at the lowest possible cost and still achieve industry-leading results.

Are you interested in learning how we can help with your PSA-related needs? Contact us to request rates and learn about our full suite of services.

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